MIM PUT: Peach's Untold Tale 3.29 (Mar 3/17)

This is a Backup page in case LOK or AEDLER site is OFF. It's not so updated but at least you will find official links and files.
-27th march 2017: The game is back on to this page (still 3.29). My internet is back (it was off since a week ago) and my vacation ENDED. We may see many updates soon.
-26th february 2017: I'm on my vacation! I generally work more in the game during it, until 22th of march. I am creating level 8-2 and some features.
-29th january 2017: Bowser Castle level fully done! Many features like an elevator based on New Bowser Castle by Playshapes. Final scenes with Bowser and even Shadow Queen still to be finished by Blargh, though!
-28th january 2017: I've been offline for a week due to internet problems, but I am okay. It's rare to be away from LOK, but if this happens (provided I am not dead :shock: ), I generally come back. Generally it can last up to 10 days for 2 or 3 times in the year. If more than 1 month, you can be worried a bit. If not, please have patience. Just be aware of this.
-11th december 2016: XML of Portuguese-BR language 100% complete! Fixed ShyGuy level BUG!
-23th october 2016: URGENT!! The game NOW supports ALL LATIN languages (with accents), Russian and certain countries like BieloRussia! (Cyrilic!) Except Greek (so far)
-9th october 2016: Huge XML process is COMPLETED! People who want to translate the game (as its now possible to load custom XML into it), please access my GITHUB! Be careful before just getting the XML or a given language and updating it because others can be doing the same! Avoid double work!
i18n race.jpg

-30th september 2016: if you have the 'corrupted load slots problem', please deactivate AUTO SAVE, as it is the culprit of late corruption. I'll be fixing this later.
-18th september 2016: I am working with the 'cant go to world3 in the bunker' problem. Perhaps after visiting Peach Castle twice, after beating Airship 2? Or visiting Airship 1 at her castle, after beating Airship 2? Just use DEBUG mode (PAGE DOWN key) before reproducing the bug and take a screen shot of your OPTIONS screen when using the computer in the Bunker. Better if recording a short video just before beating airship3 until reaching the bunker computer using CAMSTUDIO, Hypercam or other.

-You can play this game with a XBOX360, PS2 or other USB controller! This requires XPadder. More instructions here and a great post about a profile that doesn't require a mouse here!
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Here you can see why I converted the game (and the advantages of AS3).

Attention: Legend of Krystal (LOK) and Aedler (KAEC) are the only official sites of this game! If you intend to post anywhere else, please put a link back to this site and credit me, also explaining the team is on both sites above, so we can check suggestions, features and feedback. We can implement them and catch bugs faster. It's for YOUR benefit!

=> I need someone to write Peach's discoveries in her diary! Instructions HERE!
=> We are rushing to the 295th sex scene mark with creatures (counting solo scenes). With the help of everyone, we can reach 300.

Mario is Missing PUT AS3.swf [ 35.59 MiB | Viewed 52 times ]
To download, RIGHT click on the link above (PUT.swf) and put SAVE AS or SAVE LINK AS.
=> If its not appearing above, download it from Aedler site It's OFFLINE! I am fixing it!
=> EXE version HERE (UPDATED 3rd of Feb 2017)

Version on Newgrounds WAS REMOVED by their moderators since July 30th, 2013. They denied freeware Mario parodies (EVEN with the law allowing it), so I cant do anything. Its their site, anyway, they do what they want, right?

ATTENTION: It's a XXX game STILL UNFINISHED (But playable and with endings). Pentium CORE 2 DUO or better recommended due to the nature of a vector game (more quality). You can help create scenes using the RAGDOLL program (New version - 1.5!) Here!

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Thank you specially to Alexxander, QuizMasterBos, MIDNIGHT, STEFAN, TYLER, SHAFER, BRYON and RUI LUÍS!

Flash Player 11 or higher required. Processor with 2 or more cores required for a better experience.
-Initial game version for comparison and fun (I've thought it was enough): VERSION 1.0j (MAY 2012) (jump key is UP)
-Please consider using GOOGLE CHROME (latest version) for this game, as its up to 25% faster. Firefox sometimes lets this game slow.
For those who don't have a flash plugin, or just want to play outside the browser (in order to be able to resize the window, have more performance, and other caveats), download the FLASH PLAYER PROJECTOR in Adobe's site: http://www.adobe.com/support/flashplayer/downloads.html


Update 3.29 (3rd March 2017) - IN PROGRESS
- Please reload an external XML (english or other) to refresh the language of the game! Use the ones in my GITHUB ( https://github.com/ivanaedler/MIMPUT/ ). Or you can just click RESET SAVES in the first screen if you dont have saved games and you dont want to mess around the XML files (English only!)
- NEW: Fire Peach PS character (due to some requests)!
- NEW: OPTION: "Fire Peach if burned, back to Peach if lost". It will be ON as default. If 'Vanilla Peach' takes a Fire Flower powerup or if she is touched by a fire hazard/creature, she will be with a dark skin. She will be normal again if you take another powerup or lose a life. It will only work if you're using a 'Peach' character. You can disable this feature in the options screen (it will be saved in the cache for new games as well).
- IMPROVED protection modes! Protection is the 'invulnerability time after being hit or a scene'. Now you can choose between 3,2,1 or 0 seconds! Beware that HARD GAME mode ignores this (Its always '0'!) Default: 3 seconds.
- IMPROVED code of Character Select Screen (tech info: target button instead of older 'a listener for each button').
- IMPROVED intro/prologue screens with NEW screens! Now, the first screen tells us that everything was in peace in the princess's castle, then it will show us that the current character (be it Peach, Daisy, Rosalina, etc) was playing with the toads (some in a lewd way), explaining why the innocent princess is already experiencing lascivous actions, then the train scene, and finally the drama of airships invading. Morever, even if you're playing as Daisy or Krystal, for example, the story will tell you were in castle with the toads, etc, as its supposed that each princess know Peach's castle already.
- RULE CHANGED: now, all 4 toads will be seated in her royal table (in her castle level) in certain days (Day 5, Day 15...), alongside the current probability to appear in any other day (you can still see them seated there on day 2 and day 8, for example, although much rarer). Before this update, it was hard to get them all seated (probability < 5%).
- RULE CHANGED: the princess wont be taken by a creature right after using the blue info/sound boxes. Some invulnerability will be applied for enough time to run away.
- RULE CHANGED: When restarting the game, the train and bed scenes in the prologue will now make the princess wear (or not) the garter/stockings/gloves, etc, that was configured in her outfit screen for new powerups.
- BUG FIX: Peach's Bath scenes (like in her castle) are now DISABLED until I fix it.
- BUG FIX: Lakitu pole scene (when the princess touches the dildo) made her disappear. Tech Info: Argument error (this,0)
- Glitch Fix: In the train scenes (like in the prologue and when you walk around in this level with Mario), the mountain were only moving once (then we werent seeing any mountain again). Also, the upper are of the train was blue instead of black (it was like the roof was absent or destroyed).
- Glitch Fix: Certain powerups set with 'random outfit' (like Striker) was making other powerups like Fire Flower also be random.
- Glitch Fix: wrong balloon text in the cumming action of 'curious restrain' scene (next to Leslie the swan) in her castle.

Update 3.28 (22th February 2017)
- NEW: Descriptive tale of 'Princesses Gangbang' scene (as always, English and Portuguese provided. English already in the game. Portuguese in the XML - GITHUB site).
- NEW: Peach Pregnant art by TripFlip! It will appear when the princess gets pregnant. For now, only Peach ART. If you're another princess, only the text will appear.
- ADDED Krystal 'frontside dialogue model' expressions.
- NOW, the princess wont be taken by a creature right after using the blue info/sound boxes. Some invulnerability will be applied for enough time to run away.
- NOW, you can press SKIP KEY (like 'Space') to go to the next gloryhole action in the prison (instead of only relying on the buttons).
- NOW, the xnaut concoction lab table will be a bit transparent, so you can see the fallen tubes.
- IMPROVED slipping/sliding feature (The princess wont do it if in edge of ledges like coinblocks for example).
- IMPROVED Peach head on 'Xnaut achievement art'.
- IMPROVED: When entering doors or warping, she will loop at the correct side (for example, by entering a door facing right, and reappearing in a door that is facing left, she will face left, not the door). But if you keep pressing right when running, for example, she may keep running right, this is normal. I may make this better by making the door in the opposite side (this this would change the level layout).
- BUG FIX: The princess was being able to slide if inside places that goes up or down, like elevators. She was even locking herself up 'forever'.
- BUG FIX: When taking a key (like the golden one in 2-5), sometimes the white door (or other different non related doors) stopped working. This was due to interference with 'checkVeggie' for 'taken' (hidden) items. Now, those hidden items will be 'disabled'.
- BUG FIX: Gloryhole scene (in the prison) stopped working. Remember to update the language XML (or click RESET SAVES) before going to this area, because one of the bugs was inside XML!
- Glitch FIX: the scrap of E. Gadd plans in Peach's body was over his hand.
- Glitch FIX: 'NAN' text in certain castle ending screens.
- Glitch FIX: in Mario Ending 4, right when the princess was bending to his dick, the scene went back to kissing.
- Glitch FIX: a swarm of 'cum sounds' when checking all ending scenes.
- Glitch FIX: When the princess was masturbating while backside facing, she strangely looked at us (frontside mode) while opening her hands, like she is climbing something in the air.
- Some improvements to keys, and little fixes like certain keys with default colors instead of red, grey or other defined colors.