Donate for the cause!

Make a donation for the cause!

Current schedule used for development: Back to 1h per day.
Depending on the raising per month, I can code up to 8h a day for one month non stop (like I really did three times), including speedy development like 1 scene per night.
- If $500 or more: 4 hours per day (for up to 1 month).
- If $1000 or more: 8 hours per day (for up to 1 month).

Your help will:
1- Maintain my servers and help me with survival tasks like coffee packs for example.
2- Make me prioritize the games more than any other task for a reason, making me more present in the forum.
3- Make the game have more quality and less bugs.
4- Let me aware of possible features, bug reports and requests you discuss about.
5- Help the developer directly instead of publishing sites which tend not to share revenues. If so, they claim for taxes for their own benefit.
6- Let me know you appreciate the game.

Thank you!Again, I wont stop developing if no donations, but without any help, I'll have to prioritize real life work and part time jobs, decreasing the time of development.

Q: But how could I check if you're really making more features in less time?
A: Just check the latest updates in this same page (CHANGELOG) often, and check the last pages of the current thread. I use to put demos and images of things I've done in the day/week. Also, you can check the tab 'NEXT FEATURES in this same page'.